The Truth About Relationships

One of the most joyous parts of life is meeting new people and developing new relationships. It’s a breath of fresh air to connect with new people, new surroundings, new anything. And when you find somebody who you don’t mind speaking with for hours and hours doing pretty much nothing, you know you’ve met someone special.

A shift happens.

You used to hang out with that certain someone all the time, but now it feels distant. Now it feels like they don’t like or want to talk about the things you used to spend hours discussing. Conversations have drastic pauses, and it almost feels like a chore to be around them.

You ask yourself what happened. You wonder what you could’ve done to create the distance.

It’s not that the both of you have changed or that suddenly this person is someone else. You both have grown into yourselves and are slowly finding out who you are. What you used to talk about when you were younger doesn’t mean much anymore.

What does that mean for you?

Some people come into your life for the long run, and no matter where you go on life’s journey, they will be there. There are also people who you might fade away from, but you know that if something were to ever happen to you, they would be there. And then there are those that you become distant with, and that relationship doesn’t last.

Relationships come and go and change and move. Just like life. And the more we try to force things a certain way, the worse off we will be. If someone is meant to be in your life, they will make the effort to be in it. If you want someone in your life, you will make the effort to stay in theirs.

So foster those relationships you find worth saving, and let go of the ones that weren’t meant to last. Remember all those people who came into your life and went — for what they were and not for what you wanted them to be.



4 thoughts on “The Truth About Relationships

  1. Thank you for this post. I needed that. Over the years there have been many shifts in my friendships with people, some that are understandable and some that boggle the mind. It’s good to know many face the same challenges.

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  2. I didn’t believe that this was true, and I was trying to find how to make relationships work, but then I met someone and things felt very different and both of us made a strong effort, so now it seems like there is some mystical force beyond logic that controls relationships

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