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An outrageous hound beats the odds 

Photo from: Christian Sayles
Photo from: Christian Sayles

She has milky white fur and deep brown eyes. She has stopped wagging her tail and begins curling her ears. Her panting has subsided, and instead, a look of anguish is on her face. “Brie is bad right now. She is a bad dog. She goes into the garbage. She eats it. She barks too much. She makes you angry,” said Lanette Sayles, her mother.

Brie Sayles is vibrant, playful and just a tad bit sparky. She is always making a mess and trying to cover it up. She is very inquisitive or rather nosy. She regularly sniffs around for her next sought out conquest. She has a way of running into things, literally. “One winter time it was icy, and I tried to let her back in. She was so happy and she slid so fast and she slammed into the door,” said Christian Sayles, her brother. This was so epic that the incident supposedly could have been chosen to appear on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Her brother laughed hysterically after he knew she was okay. Brie has also been found eating a crunchy snack, only it was a grasshopper. She even went out for a quick bathroom break to be found rolling in her own waste. “That’s Brie for you,” Lanette Sayles explained.

Brie was born on June 21, 2002. She was gifted at her mom’s birthday party with a cute little bow tied around her frame. She had to watch out because if she was not careful, someone might step on her. Today, she is still a winsome miniature poodle that waddles around aimlessly. “As a puppy she was tiny. She was no bigger than a 64 ounce apple juice container. I was a kid and, well, we crossed paths. As I got older it was better,” said Christian Sayles. To the Sayles Family, Brie has a creative mindset that is much like a person. They think of her as a child and not a pet. She understands what is going on at all times and knows right from wrong. She is an exceptionally cognizant dog. “She is not like your average dog and she cares. She cares a lot. She has a way of healing wounds. She is like a heart mender. It is like if you look in her eyes it feels as if she is staring at your soul. There were a lot of times when I was sad and crying and she was just there. She would give her puppy dog eyes and that would make it all better,” said Christian Sayles.

Angel Sayles was her best friend. She had jet black fur and foggy blue eyes. Cataracts prohibited her natural brown lens to show. “She did everything with Angel. If Angel went outside, Brie went outside. If Angel made a mess, Brie was right along with her. She layed in the bed with her,” Lanette Sayles spoke with gloominess. Angel died. She had countless medical issues ranging from diabetes and sight, but cancer was found to be the major cause of her death. A sense of hopelessness soon arrived as Brie would barely go outside and eat her food. Days of wandering around to find if her beloved friend was in the closet or the den soon ended. “I saw depression really. If I had to put it in one word, she was depressed. They were yin and yang so she would look around for her. We had her sniff the ashes a couple times so she could sense what was happening,” said Christian Sayles. Brie soon began to realize that Angel was not coming back and eventually quit looking for her. Now she can only hold on to the memories of her long loved sister.

Brie has HGE. This is known as hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, a disease found commonly in young adult dogs. This particular issue means that she has gastral intestinal issues. She could potentially bleed out of her stomach lining because it is eroding. “It makes us super cautious about what she is eating. I personally do not let her in my room because she is noisy. If I do let her in my room, I watch her like a hawk,” said Christian Sayles. Brie eats a lean diet of kibble, dietary liver and broccoli. This has helped her remain the vibrant dog that she is and hopes to be for a long time.

She might be feisty, but she is one of a kind. Her family loves the outrageously phenomenal pet she is, and they would not have it any other way. Throughout the hardships she has faced, she has still touched the lives of many. “She will be there for you and be under you and sniff you. She truly is man’s best friend,” said Christian Sayles.

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