Wake Up…


You wake up in a constant deep breath. It felt so real, but you soon realize that reality is upon you. That dream. That nightmare. It had to be. You need to check. You rub your eyes and walk down the corridor to find your grandmother in the kitchen with you mom.

“You are up early,” says your grandma.

“Yeah,” you say as you rub your eyes once more, “You two aren’t going out with the family are you?”

“No. Not at all. We decided to stay in today. Besides, it is cloudy out,” says your mom.

You scratch your head and begin to recount the anger of your grandmother due to you no longer being close with your childhood friend. The mutual understanding that you both held to stay apart is shocking and horrid to her.

Your mother is also livid and refuses to speak to you until you go upstairs and try to talk it out. Only, the person that you see is not your mother. Your mother’s hair is not that long and curly. However, you are too angry to oblige. You try to speak to her but get nowhere and decide to take a walk.

The trees nor are the birds your friends. They look as if they are mad. They begin to corner you in, and you run as fast as you can. You meet a man no taller than 5 foot 2 in the woods. He is friendly, and you, for some odd reason, trust him. You sleep there for the night.

However, they are all looking for you — your family — the town — everyone. They say it is time. For what?” you think…

“Are you okay?” says your mom.

You shake off these thoughts and say, “Yeah. I think I’m gonna go back to bed.”

She looks at you for a short moment. In that moment, you can’t shake that feeling. You know that this has to be an act, so you ask,

“Has she came over today,” you look at her in a squint.

“No. Was she suppose to pick something up?” Your mom scratches her head.

“Just asking. Well, I’m going to sleep,”  You figure if you go back to sleep and wake up, you will forget that this dream ever happened.

You start walking up the stairs when your mom says…

“Okay fine. I invited her over. I want you two to talk,” says your mom.

You keep walking upstairs and realize that your dream might have been a sign, so you decide to leave when…

You wake up.

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