New Who?

I have yet to speak in a while. I could say that I have been busy or that other things have occupied my life. I could blame it on my Winter Break from college and the need to take a chill pill, but the truth is that I haven’t been motivated to write.


I think within anything you might be passionate about, it’s good to take a break and come back refreshed and ready for anything.


In all of this, I have been thinking about the new year and those who strive and push for something to better themselves. I like to call the things I strive to do goals and not resolutions.

Resolutions have a bad reputation for being too much pressure and getting broken extremely fast. I believe that by thinking about things that I want to do and furthering my life through goals, it can only create a positive experience.

I am really writing down this list for myself to look back on, but if anyone needs to be reminded of these things when setting goals, here you go:

  1. Be anxious for nothing. Phil 4:6. Don’t live in the past or the future. Be present. Worrying will only make you miss out on the beautiful experiences in life.
  2. Don’t doubt yourself. You are capable of more than you think.
  3. Silence is okay. You don’t have to always be doing something. Take time to just breathe.
  4. Don’t pressure yourself. Your goals are important, but it is not the end of the world if they don’t come as soon as you expect.


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