Know Your Worth

Are you the penny rejected in the vending machine? Are you the nickel rolling on the corner of the street?

What’s your worth?

Are you the dime stuffed amid loose change in a wallet? Are you the dollar traded in for a candy bar at the gas station?

What’s your worth? 

Are you the twenty sliding out of the ATM? Are you a hundred held in the air by a clerk to check of authenticity?

Know your worth.

Don’t let situational factors drive you.

Don’t let outside voices hinder you.

Don’t even let doubts control you.

It’s not about having everything figured out. It’s not about being the best in league.

You’re worth the sacrifice. You’re worth the struggle. You’re worth the time. You’re worth all you could ever imagine.

Stop selling yourself short. Stop making excuses. You’re worth it!



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