Let Go of It

Undoubtedly, my favorite time of day is losing the kicks and letting the dogs out after getting home from a long day’s work. Though the walk from my office to the metro station isn’t far behind. From being sick these past few days, it’s safe to say I’ve been quarantined, drowsy and stuffy. Some days it’s blustery and gray with not so much as a fleck of light, others it’s sunshine and a cool breeze. And while I prefer the latter, there’s something about a routine walk towards the home plate — regardless of the forecast. It’s much more exciting than the morning commute because the day is done, and I can just let go.

So much of our time is spent stimulating our minds. From childhood, we are put into various subjects in order to gain skills that will help us later in life. We participate in lectures, presentations, harsh deadlines and various amounts of stuff —if I can lessen its importance.

We never truly become an expert in any specific thing because there’s always something else to be learned. The human race suffers with the inability to demonstrate simplicity. There’s always something happening, something to do. We never take the time to stop counting time. We either need work, tv, our phones, a book and the like in order to keep ourselves from losing our right mind.

This One

Though, this simplicity, the ability to have an absence of mind, is found among few. Neglecting to worry about what you need to be doing, have you ever decided to just be? Set aside a part of your day to get in a state of inactivity. Allow your thoughts to drift away and your mind to become refreshed and renewed.

It’s of benefit to you. The reason why you have those moments in your life where you feel as though you are going to explode is not necessarily a result of your daily tasks, but rather, the fact that you don’t give yourself time to just breathe.

The next time you get boggled down with many of life’s wonders, you’ll find yourself looking forward to those simple moments where you’re absentminded. I know I do every day I take that short afternoon walk.

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