Take A Chill Pill

I wanted to have this incredible blog post and video out today for all you amazing viewers to partake in, but I have to take a chill pill. I easily obsess over everything creative that I do to make it the best possible. 

And frankly, it’s stressing me out. I can’t allow the things that I love to have a negative connotation, so today I have decided to scrap this notion that I must get everything done right now, at this very moment, within the very second that I planned in my unrealistic mind, and take some time to breathe.

Do you take the time to breathe? Do you reflect on your life? Have you come to terms with the fact that you’re stressing yourself out?

That’s what I’m doing today, and I suggest you try it sometime.

I’m going to get something delicious to eat, go over my boyfriend’s house and chill. I refuse to let this get me down. I refuse to obsess and obsess and obsess.

Just look forward to an amazing travel diary at a later date. 

Until then.


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