Style Guide: Leopard/Cheetah Print (Warm Edition)

Ever since the Cheetah Girls debuted, I became head over heels in love with cheetah and/or leopard print.

Both animals have slight differences in what they look like. Cheetahs have sporadic, uniquely shaped black spots on their tan skin. Leopards are a little more complex with tan skin and distinctive circular black shapes.

The prints that are shown below resemble leopard print the best, but I’ve seen the two names, for the most part, used interchangeably in the world of fashion.

There’s just something about the print that’s aesthetically pleasing and fun to me. And while I know the thought of adding leopard/cheetah print can seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be!

P.S. If I find any items I talk about online, I will add links. Links are in the text in a teal color.

Tip #1: Look for shoes with cheetah or leopard print.

You don’t have to go crazy and over the top to add these prints in, which is why my first two looks use shoes.


I found these casual leopard/cheetah print shoes at Macy’s for $20 a few years ago. I was skeptical in buying them at first because I thought, “When would I possibly be able to wear these?” I’m so glad I took a gamble. They are definitely my most worn shoes to date. I’m not sure if Macy’s sells them anymore, but I’ve seen shoes similar to these. My shirt is from JCPenney, and my shorts are from Kohl’s.


Tip #2 When in doubt, stripe it out.


Just like the last outfit, this outfit has a striped shirt. It’s a fool proof look. Stripes and leopard/cheetah print work extremely well together. The shirt and shoes are recent purchases from Target. The shoes are under $20, so there’s no complaints here. Last but not least, my pants are from H&M.


Tip #3: Find a toned down print.

DSC_0369 (4)

The reason why leopard/cheetah print can be a bit much varies on how outrageous the print is. Opt for a subdued version like the top shown below. I got it from Kohl’s. I’m wearing a plain black dress underneath and an oversized bag, which are from Kohl’s as well. The shoes are from Target.


I will say that not all cheetah/leopard print looks good. Sometimes I go to stores and think, “They really messed that up. What were they thinking?” But other times, I’m in love. It’s always about what works for you and what you’re most comfortable with. I have a few ‘out there’ leopard/cheetah print items that I love, but these easy-to-wear options are sure to make you more prone to add leopard/cheetah print into your wardrobe.

A huge thanks to Chris for being my photographer.


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