How I Styled My Leopard-Print Suit

I know some people will think that buying a leopard-print suit is a little outrageous, but fashion should be fun and expressive. For that very reason, today’s post will be showcasing a few different styling options for my leopard-print suit.

One of the easiest ways to introduce this suit into your wardrobe is by separating the pieces. In this first outfit, I’ve paired a plain green V neck with cropped black jeans and tan ballet flats. Throwing the leopard jacket over top ties the whole look together without going too overboard (in my mind, anyway). Outfit #1.JPG

The second outfit follows the same method as the first, but this time, I’ve used the pants. I also made the outfit a bit more casual with a grey body suit, a black jean jacket and earth-tone sandals.Outfit #2 (2)

I haven’t worn the entire suit together just quite yet, but when I do, this is most likely how I will wear it. I think the black crop top does a good job of breaking up some of the leopard print, and the black, Gucci-like faux leather shoes pair well with this. I even think black converse or some sort of sporty black sneaker would work as well.Outfit #3 (2)There are sooo many prints and patterns out there. You’re bound to find one that you like!

Suit: ASOS


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