Apartment Living: 8 More Home Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

I guess I can’t get enough of home decor because I’m back with yet another list of useful items for your home. I just couldn’t resist. They’re so good. Definitely check out my previous list if you haven’t already done so.

I’ve been meaning to get a basket for storing our pillows and blankets when they are not on our bed, and this one from TJ Maxx is perfect. It was just $20, and it has plenty of space.
Another item I’ve always wanted is a serving tray, which can be used to display a few items (like pictured above) or for breakfast in bed. My hubby recently gifted this to me, and I’m obsessed.
This 6-Hook Over-the-Door Rack is a game changer in our bathroom. It helps us keep all of our bath essentials organized and in one discreet place. I’m sure there are plenty more expensive, upscale versions, but this one is $1 from Dollar Tree. And it works just fine.
One day, I wish to have a standing mirror, but an over-the-door mirror is much more functional in a small apartment. This one also comes with hooks, which we use to hang items like a spare belt and a robe.
This ottoman from Target is so useful. Not only is it an extra place to sit in our living room, but it also opens up to create additional storage, which definitely comes in handy.
It’s amazing how much character wall shelves can add to a space. I got these from Walmart, which were less than $10.
One thing my hubby and I like to do is plan out our meals for the week. This white board that we put on the side of our fridge is perfect for keeping track of everything.
Last but certainly not least, we use this Dollar Tree hook in our kitchen to hang up our oven potholders and mitts.


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