Sunday Funday

Mondays are never easy to digest. In fact, it’s hard to imagine waking up in a tranquil state. The roads bellow and rumble not only the discontinuous friction of wheels on dry concrete, but of the people who have begun their day’s work. As I drive to class after rushing out of my apartment in hopes that I would make it on time —  I surely do not — I drive under tall wooden structures that house foliage that glimmers and shines down on the open road.grass

A copper leaf falls to the ground as my mind flashes back to Sunday — the only day where doing nothing is really doing something.

I flutter my eyes open and catch a glimpse of the breeze blowing swiftly, as leaves tap off of the balcony and land on the ground.


I grab my phone to find that I have woken up just in time to catch the remaining half of service. Once it is over, I find myself happily wasting away on the web until I rub my head and feel a bit of pounding near the rear. This hints to previous days of stress and tension. I decide to dive deeper into sleep to combat this feeling. I awake with remnants of a minor perplexity that soon fades away after a hot shower and the taste of crisp cool water that trickles down and relieves the dehydration that comes with lying in bed all morning. I finally get ready and…


Then, I am off. I aimlessly roam, without a care, browsing over trinkets, sweets and clothes that I prohibit myself to buy — because I really don’t need them — but allow myself to play dress up.


The time escapes as I look outside and darkness is slowly taking over. I walk out to see a radiant moon that I notice many nights, but tonight I treasure it. I get into my car once more, which I shake myself from thinking about needing to clean, and decide to mosey on down to the grocery store to pick up a few items. Surprisingly, not too many people are there, which I like. I walk outside and sit in my car for a while, staring at the alluring night sky. Colors of purple and pink slowly fade away as stars begin to appear.

I shake off these thoughts and listen to my professor in hopes that next Sunday will be just as delightful.


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