I Will Be Just Fine

fineI went to my school gym, as I do every Tuesday, and I decided to go on the treadmill. I started listening to music and getting in a groove when I began to think about what I was doing. I was running and did not even realize it. I had sped up my pace. My feet moved one after another, but yet, I stayed in the same spot. It did not look like I was progressing anywhere, but I was. My body heat got hotter, and I eventually had to take off a layer of clothing. My temperature was rising because I was pushing forward, and although it might not have looked like I was progressing on the outside, I could feel my body shedding sweat.

I am going through an extremely stressful phase in my life. Let’s face it, most teens say, “I just want to graduate,” but the stresses that go with that statement can become overwhelming. Worrying about getting an internship, keeping up with classes, maintaining extracurricular activities and functioning well at work can send anyone into a state of angst, but that same day, I read a bible verse that stuck with me. It was Matthew 6: 34. It said that worrying about what will happen will not do anyone any good. You have to constantly live day-by-day and not look at the bigger picture. Otherwise, your life will be filled with depression and anxiety.

I know it is hard to not think about life and get worried. I mean, I get on Facebook, and every other video is about fighting or disagreements in the world I live in. The truth of the matter is that God never said it would be easy. In fact, he said that things would get worse. People have become divided, cruel and angry. It is harder to get or maintain a job. Countries that were once okay are now becoming more and more impoverished. The value of a penny means nothing anymore. All the while, in this broken and corrupted world, I have chosen to shine.

In Kirk Franklin’s song, “Imagine Me,” it says a line that echo’s in my ear. This reads: “saying ‘NO’ to thoughts that try to control me remembering all you told me.” Therefore, I have decided to push away all of my fears, worries and heartaches to Him. No matter what we do or how we act, God is there. He has always been there. Through the times when I felt as if my life was over, He stuck with me. This is why I know that no matter what I go through or what obstacle I face, I will be just fine.


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