Words Mean Nothing

The title is ironic because I am knocking the very thing that my chosen career is based around; however, I have learned, in the time I have been on earth, that words just don’t cut it. I might tell my mom that I am doing chores, but does action come with it? Will I just wait five minutes before she’s gotten home and rush in hopes that I will get it done? I can tell you I have. Sorry mom.

We all say we are going to do things.Work on a project. Help a friend. blah blah blah.

It is all sunny side up and the clouds have rolled away. The breeze blows on the surface of your skin. Not that cold breeze where even The North Face fails at keeping you warm. I am talking about that seventy-degree and up breeze, but is that enough?

Are words all that we have to offer? Are they all that we can contribute? Can we truly say that when we tell someone we will pray for them it is sincere?

Think about the word love. I cannot even count how many times I have heard this word used, but love to me cannot be described or contained or set within boundaries. However, there are some that use the word to manipulate, lie and make themselves look favorable.

Any word at any moment at any time can be used negatively or positively.

To hurt or to lift up. This shows how easy it is to change the context of a word. This made me think, and in that, I came to realize that love, a word that I thought was supposed to have so much meaning and that encompasses so many things, actually means nothing.

The individuals who provide the action create their own meaning towards each word that they say. To me, love is sacred. To others, love can be tossed around. So, when I say that I love someone, I will show it in a positive way. When you say that you are someone’s friend, are you acting like a friend or…

Are you displaying an enemy in disguise?

In looking at words, we are able to analyze how we use them and what they mean to us. So, I challenge you to bring a brand new meaning to words. Don’t just say but do. Do this so that the words that you say mimic who you are.

Cute Me
I strive to be a light within darkness. -Jas

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