The End of Childhood Crisis

According to the National Institute of Aging, common menopause starts at the age of 51. Men also face a midlife crisis, stated in WebMD, when they feel as if the life they are living is not worthwhile. However, many neglect to understand the crisis in many soon to be college graduates today. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you:

The End of Childhood Crisis.

laying down

Go ahead and laugh it up, but it is true, and I am not just saying this because I am a soon-to-be graduate. Or maybe I am.

However, this is a time where uncertainty and confusion reaches an all-time high. The pressure of getting out of the house and being dependent on me, myself and I is scary. The thought that the “real world” is coming — as if I have been living for twenty-one years under a rock — is the common phrase.

Students begin to look for internships, fellowships and jobs, but they feel as if they are outliers. A lot of internships only accept college students and not recent graduates, fellowships are few and far between and entry level positions are hard to come by, with a majority of applications requesting years of experience within the field.

Like most of my peers, we just want one thing: a break.

We want one chance to get our foot in the door and prove that we are capable and that what we have to say matters, but the system did not plan it that way. It did; however, include a multitude of stress, turmoil and uncertainty.

So, just rethink bypassing the thought of a crisis in soon-to-be college graduates because I am sure this epidemic does exist; I have seen it in action.


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