The Connection Ep. 2: Interaction


If you haven’t already read the first part, stop and click here to catch up. This is the second episode of The Connection, a series I decided to create in story form. Enjoy!

Roger rustles through the few shirts he owns to find something that might work. For once, he has been invited to the most sensational party of the year. Well, at least to him. He figures if he were to go, he might be able to hand off a few copies of his novel and get the word out. He hasn’t had much luck since it got published. Most writers have agents, but all he has is word of mouth, and that doesn’t go very far when you don’t have many friends. Family would be of good use, but once his parents disapproved of his career as a writer, the only member of the family he really keeps in contact with is his sister. She lives across the country in sunny California with her husband and two kids, so seeing her is a rarity.  Regardless, Roger is determined to get his name out there, if only he had a different wardrobe.

She has nothing to wear among the innumerable shelves of clothing in her walk-in closet, or so she tells herself. How could she be so insensitive, I do have a job to uphold? Chelsea thinks that Iris was unfair when she decided to storm out of her house. I can have fun. Although the last time she went to a party, well it’s been a while.

An hour passes by and both Roger and Chelsea give up the search for the perfect outfit. Roger puts on a blue button up, dark jeans and dark loafers, while Chelsea opts for something more casual than her usual black suit. She reaches for a pair of jeans when she sees the red dress she bought ages ago. She wore it once on her attempt at a blind date, but at that moment, she decides to just go with it. If Iris believes she is no fun, she will show her. She puts on the dress with wedges and a jean jacket to dress it down. She grabs her clutch and is out the door.

The train is the only form of transportation Roger has, so he catches it with five minutes to spare. The party starts at eight, so he figures arriving half past will suffice and not make him seem lame for being the first one to arrive. Although it’s not work related, he knows a lot of professional business people from all over will be there to have a good time. Once they get a few drinks in them, maybe they will agree to get word out about his book. He starts constructing his introduction on his ride when he feels someone sit down next to him. He looks up to see…Her hair is captivating and that dress. Oh crap, I’m staring. He looks back down at his lap. He doesn’t want to seem like a stalker.

“Gallery Place Chinatown Station,” the intercom calls. Roger gets up as he feels the
woman follow after, but he keeps his cool. He begins walking for what only seems to be a minute when he stops in front of The Loft at 600 F. He forgets about everything around him and walks inside. He can’t believe he’s here. Brick wall permeates throughout the entire place as cool grey couches are accented with vibrant red pillows. People are mingling, and the lights are dim as waiters are walking around with beverages and hors d’oeuvres. He starts to observe the people as some are found on the multi-color dance floor, and others are waiting for a drink at the bar. He figures he will go to the bar first to get a drink in his hand and then walk around to mingle.

Chelsea arrives at the venue after walking from the train station. It takes her much longer than she thought to get there. She regrets wearing shoes that aren’t broken in. When she gets inside, she sees Iris, but she doesn’t go up to her. She wants to casually bump into her with a group of people to show she can let loose. She walks to the bar and orders a drink. The man gives her the drink with an unusual grin, but she shakes it off. It must be the dress.

Roger gets his drink when he swings around in the high swivel bar chair, and he sees her again. The woman he saw on the train, but how did that get there? He walks up to her and they lock eyes when he opens his mouth…

To Be Continued…

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