Personal Experience

I Know


I know — her — him — they. The vast oceans and seas that spread across the earth. The sun that shines bright at dawn and hides itself at night. The man who sits in the cold begging for food. The woman who fights with her husband, day after day, but never leaves for the sake of her children. The 6-year-old girl who refuses to admit that her father raped her in fear of what might lie ahead. A teenage boy who takes the role of parent to his mom who does heroin. The teens that are foolishly in love but constantly fighting. The countless individuals who struggle with life after college. The mother who hopes her troubled son will make something of his life after dropping out of school. I know. The recent attack on Paris where numerous lives were taken. The outcry of many from countless cases of police brutality. The murder of a teenage boy who was shot sixteen times by a police officer in Chicago. The countless lives of Christians who are slaughtered daily for their faith. I know.

Why?” many ask. There are choices. They did not listen to me. They decided to listen to him — the one who tempts and destroys lives. It was the start of it all. It was the start of deception. It all took place at the beginning. It was all over the forbidden fruit, so I sent them away. I gave them everything, and they decided to listen to Satan. It is a shame because he was a magnificent angel. He told them, “You will be like God, knowing good and evil.” He was my right-hand man, and I could always count on him, but he betrayed me. I casted him out of heaven, and now he finds joy in leading many towards destruction. There are those who know and share the truth. There are those who know and do not say a word. There are those who hear and do not believe. There are those who hear and decide to ignore. He attacks those who are weak and strong. He tries to break down the faithful and hide the truth from those who are unknowledgeable.

I created pain in childbearing and labor and turmoil in working. It was the punishment. It could have been much easier. It could have been simple. Sin has its consequences, and this was it. In all of it, though, I never left humanity. I created great things through many people.

Some created a tower to get to me — to be greater than me. They said, “Let us build a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens.” I split them apart by way of language and dialect. Others created idols after I led them out of bondage and into freedom, so I created commandments to monitor them. They turned their backs on me, time and time again, but I could not leave them. They — you are my creation. So, I sent my son — my only son — to die. I watched as they mocked and beat and hung him. I wanted to save him. He cried out, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” I did this so that you would have life. I did this so that you would be free. It was the only way to save my people — to save you.

Some have decided to ignore my existence while others use my mission in vain. They say they are doing my work, but they are false prophets. They spew out lies from their mouth and deceive nations. Others go against me and kill my people. Vast arrays of religions blur my truth.

I allowed freedom of choice and will. I allowed it to happen. He decides. She decides. They all decide. You ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” I know the path. I know the end. I know it all. I created you. There are things you do not know and things you have yet to see. You make your own choices. Those choices lead you along a path. I cannot say that if you come with me down this road, it will be easy. That would be a lie, and I do not lie. I am the truth.

It will be hard, and some will hate you. They hated me. They still do. Regardless, I know that many will still refuse to speak to me. Some will continue to curse my name. They will not follow me. They will not listen. Children will rise up against parents, and houses will become disjointed. The nation will become divided, and an outcry will arise. There will be war. There will be death. There will be anger and turmoil and sadness. I can say, however, that if you believe and follow me, great things will come.


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