Commemorating the Years

blank canvasI sit and stare at the blank canvas lying in front of me as I think of a way to commemorate my years of being in college. Four years. I have spent four years building memories here, and now it is time to move on.

I think about the first steps that I took as well as what will soon be my last. I think about my drive to work at the school radio station and connect with my boss as I transitioned into becoming a student manager. I think of the friends that I made in the marching band that I connected with throughout the years. I think of my time as a writer and editor on the school newspaper, which brought about a connection with my now business communication friends. cap

As I think about all of these things, something sticks. Infinite Possibilities. That is what lies ahead. As I move on, there is a sense of bitter sweetness. However, my future is whatever I make it.

So that is what my cap commemorates. With faith, trust and just a little bit of pixie dust, I look on to those infinite possibilities.


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