We Did It Class of 2016

The day has come and gone. I am officially a graduate of Stevenson University. Whoa! I cannot believe I have made it this far on this journey called life. I have made my mark as I have been blessed to meet some amazing people along the way. I am grateful for the support system that I have around me, and I know that I would not be where I am without them. To all of those who have listened to me complain about anything relating school, thank you. It is because of you that I had someone to lean on. To all of the friends that I have made along the way, keep in touch. Just because we are moving on does not mean that we have to become strangers.


However, I would be crazy if I did not shout out the driving force in my life…God. No matter where I have been, He has been there. This next step in my life is sure to get rocky, frustrating, nerve racking, stressful and leave me feeling anxious. I know that I will have to fight for what I want in my life and that the journey has just begun, but with God, I will be just fine. He has gotten me this far, and I am certain that He will get me through any obstacles along the way.

Class of 2016, We Did It! Throw the confetti in the air and celebrate!


My Business Communication squad.


Thank you mom for leaving my mark on campus by way of an engraved brick laid along the pond of the university.
We did it Class of 2016!


Thank you for providing for me all of these years. I hope that I have made you proud!
Honey..You are the best!


My professor who inspired me to create my own blog.
I love you guys!


Check out my graduation video here. Thank you Chris for filming as well as sweet words from you and my amazing mother.


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