It’s Not Over Until You Say It Is

The sun grazes the surface of my skin, and the cool air sways amongst the trees. I look up to the beaming rays as they stare down at me. I begin to petal faster and push through the path. Making my way alongside the pond, geese flock by and stare. My legs gain pressure from constant exertion as I make my way through the second path.


Up the hill I go, pushing and pushing. I make it to the top and breathe a deep breath. Downhill I ride — happy to have made it thus far — but the journey is not over. I travel through the neighborhood and give a grin to those I meet along the way.

The moment is here. I switch gears and get ready for it. I push with all my strength upon the uneven sidewalk and road. The wheels go faster and faster. I ignore perspiration dripping from my forehead and the shaking of my legs. In my mind, I push out the thought to give up. Riding my bike has taught me this.

In the moments where we feel like all is lost…

When it feels as if every odd is against us…

A blessing is waiting on the other side.

My breath is taken away from me, and my body has fought. I look up to the sky as I make it to the top. It gleams a bright light as if to wink at me.

I did it, and so can you. The journey is not over until you say it is. Be strong.


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