Give It A Try, Trust Me

It takes you into an entirely different atmosphere and allows your mind to wander. You can feel the emotions and picture what is happening just by looking at the words on the pages.

I can’t say I have always been fond of reading because I haven’t. When I was younger, I hated having to read for class, and I can’t say that I ever learned to love having to read things I didn’t like.


It is completely different if you chose the story. If you have an interest in the plot. If you can connect with the characters. If it takes you to a whole other world. If it is a thrilling adventure of your mind exploring what is happening for the first time.

Reading does that. Whether it is a novel or article from a newspaper, it allows us to see the perception of someone else — a different character. It might shed light on an issue or explore a new and exciting world. It might be a serious topic or a thrilling adventure.

Movies, television and the like are great. I love binge watching my shows on Netflix, but it can’t compare to reading. The characters are so much more vivid, while the descriptions are multidimensional.

You might not like reading, but take it from me. I didn’t at first. Find a topic that you find interesting or can connect with. It can be a newspaper, magazine, comic or novel. It can be sci-fi or romance. It can be fiction or nonfiction. Whatever it is, allow yourself to delve into the words and be captivated by what reading can do.


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