You’re Never Alone

Feeling alone is a troubling thing. Many are around, but it feels as if no one is there. No one can help or even cares.


Being alone and feeling alone are polar opposites. You can feel alone without being alone and vice versa. Your mind plays tricks on you. It allows you to believe that there is no one there to help. There is no one to lean on.

I have felt this way quite a few times in my life when something has happened that is unexpected. I wondered how I would manage and who I would turn to.

The situation kept getting worse and worse no matter how hard I tried to make it better. I thought that I was doing all that I could to fix it, mend it. I spoke to others about it, and they tried their best to help. However, they weren’t living it, I was. They could never truly understand how it made me feel.

I looked up to heaven, but I felt like nothing was coming. Nothing was changing. My situation wasn’t getting any better. “Can you hear me?” I would think in dismay. I felt alone. The outside might have said something other than what I was feeling, but I was broken. I was lost. I was without anyone. Or so I thought.

You’re never alone.

Whether it seems like it during the time of your struggle or not, God is looking out for you. He has your back. Sometimes the situations we are in allow us to take a deeper look at how we are living — what we are doing — who we are becoming.

It is when we are at our lowest that we begin to see things clearly. This is when we begin to understand where we need to go within our lives.

I have spoken many times about this, but we all want this fast paced reality with a right now mentality. God doesn’t work like that. Your situation doesn’t work like that.

It takes time, endurance and strength. It takes courage and tenacity. God’s voice could be in stillness or clear cut explanation.

Regardless, He is there, always.


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