What Truly Matters?!

Last Sunday marked the day that our nation was attacked. The day that countless lives were taken. The day that no one expected, but those affected will always remember.

They thought they could break us. That their attack would destroy us. That we would never amount to anything more than our fate at that very moment.

However, we as a nation stood in unity. We reflect each year on the countless lives that died and pay homage to them. We pray for the families that have been and are still being hurt by this tragic devastation.

This remarkable loss teaches us something. It teaches us the timeliness of life. That life is not constant. Life is a precious gift if only for a moment. It can be taken away as quick as it arrives.

The life that you live is more important; however, than how long you live it. What will those around say about you when your time on earth is over?

It’s not about what you do or who you are. It’s not about the position you hold or how much money you have. All of these things are superficial. They will not stay.

What truly matters is how you make people feel. Your character. That is what will be remembered. That is what will never go unnoticed.



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