What’s Your Mask?

Blue sneaks, green sunglasses, bright yellow leggings, platinum blond hair, grey eyes. The features signify nothing, though they are classified as something. A girl, a boy, a man, an elderly petite women with silver hair and a cane. Who are these people? What do they do? What are their interests? What are their hobbies? Are they carnivorous or plant based? Do they like sports, crafts, handiwork?

We all wear different hats, but really, they’re masks. Who we are at work is different than how we are with a significant other, which is different from hanging with friends and subsequently, family.

Masks symbolize that part of you you’re willing to show, but when the day is done, what do you see? Pretty hurts — as Beyoncé reminds us. That true form of yourself — the authentic one. The one that hides not a single ounce of who you are is the one you stumble upon alone. Though, are you happy with it? Do you feel as though it isn’t being expressed — as if it’s hidden away for no one to see?

The structural norms of life tell us how we should be within certain environments, but how far have you gone? When you look in the mirror, you don’t want to see a fake version of yourself but the absolute best. You are uniquely made with different qualities and traits that make you who you are. It doesn’t make you weird, unappealing or distasteful. It makes you beautiful. Be who you are because no one else can, and it would be a shame to hide what God has destined you to become.



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