Get Off That Pedestal

No matter where you are in life. No matter how many degrees you possess or classes you have taken. Whether you haven’t had a lick of education or felt as though you’ve reached the pentacle. You will never grasp the top of the latter.

Perfection is unattainable. The man you cross by on the street might look as though he has nothing to give to the world, but he could teach you so much more than you would’ve ever known on your own.

A title is just that — letters. What truly matters and has value is that you never stop learning.  The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing. The most successful people are those who treat lower standing individuals just as those of a higher standing.

Jesus doesn’t care about who you are or what title you hold. He hung out with tax collectors, fisherman, the poor. He washed the feet of sinners and cared for all people. That is who we should aspire to be. That is what we should shape our lives around.

If a perfect being can love us past our flaws and insecurities. If He can still care for us after the countless times that we have done wrong and grew apart from Him. If He can forgive us even through the darkest of times. Then we can treat everyone we come into contact with, as just this — a person. That’s just it. We are all people. We all have a purpose. We all are on life’s journey.

People will not remember you for what you did or the position or positions you hold. They will not remember the number of hours you worked just to get that promotion. What they will remember is how you made them feel.

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