Merry Grinchmas

Welcome to Day 2 of #countdownwithheyujas. Missed Day 1? No worries. Click here.

What do you think when you hear Grinch? A menace, villain, enemy, evil? Do you tremor at the look of his face or the maggots in his smile? Cause he does have all the tender sweetness of a seasick crocodile.

Let’s just say he probably isn’t the most dazzling thing you’ve ever seen, but why would he be? He’s a beast, right? Any Who down in Whoville would’ve attest to his presence being unwelcomed. The mayor undoubtedly wanted to secure his relationship with Martha May Whovier.

Though, there was one who saw the good in him. One small and, some would say, insignificant little girl. Cindy Lou Who knew that there was more to the surface level fluff.

The Grinch, himself, brought about more. He brought about a change in the way those around him thought. He was a clear catalyst and example of what we all should be because the ribbons, tags, packages, boxes and bags can only do so much.

However, it’s our ability to stand out — an anomaly — as the artist Lecrae would put it. The Grinch was mocked and laughed at — but only because he wasn’t the picture perfect image of a Who.

Do you find yourself struggling with that in your own life? I know I have and will continue to in my time. Not everyone will understand or want to understand who you are individually. There are those who will have the persona of the mayor. They will lie and tell fibs about you because they’re trying to hinder your growth. They are the ones who see your potential but are not willing to let anyone else know. They cover it up by bringing you down.

Don’t let them steal away your thunder or take away your shine. Because the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes that Christmas day, and he and those around him have forever been changed. And guess what? So can you!



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