Jingle All The Way

It’s Day 3 of #countdownwithheyujas. Check out Day 1 and 2!


Drained and ready for a hot shower, my feet fight against the crisp air as I make my way off the train and to my car. Following in line, I walk down the steps as I’m met by a lit tunnel weaving its way to the lot. Almost at my car, I click my remote, and I’m welcomed with my more than cold Honda. Rubbing my hands to together, I turn on the heat as I see my breath in front of me.

I drive for a little while as the sounds of the road roar. Cars honking at a slow car, gravel breaking underneath Shirley’s wheels (yes I did name my car that) and a clear inclination to run through a red light, I turn on the stereo.

The sounds of the seasons echo through my ears, and all is well with the world. My overall mood has changed, and I begin to sing many wonderful holiday carols. Dashing through the snow, the sound of jingle bells and presents underneath the tree are amongst many.

What is it about this that makes us all smile?

Happiness. Joy. Love. It’s in all of it.

It reminds us what we truly need.


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