My Five Holiday Favorites

Day 4 is here of #countdownwithheyujas.

I recently gave my version of Twelve Days of Christmas. Today I’m going to talk about five that are up there on my list. It’s safe to say that I love the Grinch and Holiday jams, seeing as I wrote separate posts on them both. So, just keep that in mind.

Hot Cocoa

  1. I love hot chocolate. It’s even better if you have a good movie to watch it with. Polar Express’ train scene is a perfect option. The way it feels as it warms you from the inside out is characteristically festive. I don’t pull it out until around November, and it has become a staple in getting me through long work days. If I’m having it at home, I like to go all out and top it off with whipped cream and marshmallows. YUM. YUM. I want some just thinking about it.


  1. There’s just something about lights that make you fill with joy and wonder. I take a shortcut through a residential neighborhood to and from the gym and am met by captivating luminescence. There’s just nothing like it!

Christmas Sweaters

  1. The season creeps up, and I preemptively scour the internet and shops for the best of the best holiday attire. Tacky or not, it’s festive at its best.

Hallmark Movies

  1. I will admit that Hallmark movies are, without a doubt, cheesy and corny, but the endings never fail to make you feel warm inside. They’re some of the best films to watch during this time of year. Just give it a try. We all need a little bit of cheesiness.

Cookies and Milk

  1. You can’t get through the holiday without some cookies and milk. I don’t think Santa would be too happy if you laid out a plate of carrots and humus. Treat yourself. It’s the Holidays!



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