Oh Christmas Season

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What is it about the holidays? The lights, carolers, festivities? Christmastime teaches us to love one another and appreciate the blessings of our days. This once a year season puts something in the air. We wait for it to come. It gives us hope in humanity. It reminds us to give back and be a better person.

We yearn for it all year round because of the way it makes us feel. If only for a short while, everyone seems to be on the same page. No matter where we are at in life. Whether well off or in the midst of calamity, the holiday season brings joy to our hearts.

In our minds we’re saying, “Oh Christmas Season. Stay forever in our hearts. Teach us to love and care and be giddy all year round. Teach us to live life full of the wonder and thrill of Christmas morning.”

Though, as the end draws near, the glitter, lavish and luster fades, and the world begins to shift. Mindfulness disappears. Individualism takes place of connectivity.

What if I told you that none of that feeling has to go away? The greatest gift that Christmas gives us is right there in the name.



The excitement of seeing loved ones opening up gifts you scoured the shops to buy will only remain for a moment. The fleeting joy your stomach feels by all the cookies, cakes and gingerbread can’t last forever. Possessions, family, friends and the like will pass away, but the blessings Jesus gives last beyond what your earthly eyes can see.


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