The Story of Blind Faith

This is the last post of #countdownwithheyujas. Thanks for following along thus far. Missed Day 6? Click here.

To say Mary and Joseph were afraid when preparing for the Son of Man to be born would be an understatement. Promises of God were there, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have their doubts.

When Mary was told that she would give birth as a virgin to a little baby boy who would save the whole world, a state of shock couldn’t stay at bay. “What would Joseph think?” “How would it happen?” “Are we ready?” were sure to seep into her thoughts.


When they traveled a long way and were unable to find room in an inn, keeping calm seemed unfathomable. How could they possibly give birth in a stable? Would that be fit for a child?

What’s interesting about our issues is not that we worry but that God already has a plan laid out for us. It would be easy for Him to tell us the end goal and leave it at that. Though, He doesn’t. We can’t explain or comprehend it, but once we make our way through each troubling obstacle, we appreciate life more.

We grow stronger.

We’re wiser and better off.

God knows this about each and every one of us. We’re resilient. We are able to get knocked down and rise again. He believes in us. It’s the believing in Him that’s so very hard for our mortal minds.

Mary and Joseph had to act on blind faith in order to reach the threshold, but can you? Can you give way to a new method in your life? Or, will you remain tangled in the whispers of your doubts?


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