Do What You Love

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I believe this statement to be true, but in my most humble opinion, I find it easily misconstrued.

It’s not because I’m a glass half empty kind of girl. I’d like to think that I see the glass half full. Seeking to reach my greatest potential, I never give up on my dreams, aspirations and the like.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but to think that this notion disregards one simple fact of doing what you love  — dedication. And with dedication comes hard work, struggle and a few tissues.

I can’t possibly believe that what I love will come easy — that I will never shed a tear.

I can’t possibly believe that I won’t have to take a job I don’t care for in order to support the one I want or lead me to the one I seek.

I can’t possibly believe that even when I begin doing the thing that I dream, there won’t be days where I question whether or not this is where I am supposed to be — my destiny.

Doing what you love won’t come easy, but it’ll be worth it.



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