This Is For You, Mom

Mothers don’t get enough credit. I’m sure my mom has a smirk on her face while reading this, but it’s true.

They worry (a lot) about their kids who they have carried on their backs for so long and have to watch drift away.

They want so much to hold on for just a little bit longer, but they soon realize that there’s only so much control they can have.


Their bond with their children is unlike anything else. They literally feel the affects of their child moving and growing and being inside their belly.

The baby grows and hurts and grows and hurts. Did I mention that it hurts? Thanks Eve.

But seriously, mothers just don’t get the credit they deserve.

My mom always tells me about how she had really bad morning sickness with me, and the only thing she could keep down were oranges.

I eat one pretty much everyday. I wonder why? Though, that’s pretty much the best thing to be addicted to.

I came out with a full head of hair, which explains a lot.

She also told me that I was a mean baby who only liked a select few people to hold me and  loved chicken and turkey bacon.

The latter is still true for me today. She gains joy in my former nickname bacon girl because I would carry turkey bacon on the school bus everyday for breakfast when I was a kid.

My mom is an interesting one, but I love her regardless. She bugs me, a lot. But I still love her.

Did I mention she bugs me? Just kidding mother.

I am fortunate to still have a mom, but there are so many people, my mom included, that have seen their moms go.

Cherish them while you can because mothers are a priceless gift from above, and I hope to be half of the mother my mom is.

I love you mommy.


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