Turn Resentment Into Joy

Being resentful is as easy as breathing. You don’t loathe a particular person or thing. You are hateful because you feel gypped, mistreated, undervalued.

Why do they get to be in that position when I have worked just as hard as them?

Why won’t they listen to me when we have been married for several years?

She just bought a new car while I can barely afford to pay rent.


You wonder how this or that can be. You have tried your hardest and feel like you have done everything you possibly could have, but someone or something is always miles and miles ahead.

We strive for the pursuit the happiness, but happiness is based on situational factors.

I turned 21. Wow. I’m so happy.

I got married. Wow. I’m so happy.

I made it to 50. Wow. I’m so happy.

I’m having a baby. Wow. I’m so happy.

But what happens when there isn’t something exciting going on your life?

What happens when a cloud is hovering over you at all times?

Sometimes you don’t even realize that resentment is festering inside you. It can manipulate and tear every ounce of strength you have left.

I just found out that my favorite radio host has her own podcast (Conversations with Delilah), which started at the beginning of this year.

Not too long ago, she put out a podcast about the difference between being happy and having joy.

In the back of my mind, I’ve known this to be true, but it’s not something I think about on the daily, and it’s easy to become flooded in negativity when life hasn’t gone according to some outrageously meticulous plan.

Having joy doesn’t depend on a situation. You could be in one of the worst points of your life and still have a joyous spirit.

How can this be?

Despite the circumstance, you believe that you will come out victorious.

As the gospel artist VaShawn Mitchell exclaims, “You give me joy. Down deep in my soul.”

Seek joy, and resentment will be shattered.


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