You Can…

Sometimes I don’t know how to feel. My mind is telling me one thing, but my spirit is telling me another. I push myself to be optimistic, but pessimism lingers. It’s only a little bit longer, I know God, but what if that little bit longer isn’t what I want? What if the suffering was for nothing?

Will it be worth the risk that I have taken and the choices I have made?



One word. One syllable.

The word itself is nothing more than a couple of letters.

I’ll tell you what fear is not — hard.

Harboring fear is one of the easiest things you can do. The beginning of humanity opened up an avenue for fear. There could be fear for a sick loved one or fear of being vulnerable with a significant other.

Fear is debilitating — so much so that you feel like you’re drowning, and coming up for air seems like a lost cause.

Having the courage to reach above yourself and take risks or believe that things will get better is not an easy feat.

The reason why it isn’t easy is not because you are incapable of doing but that you have already made up your mind that you can’t.

Whatever that can’t might be.

Fear is crowded, and it’s really easy to get sucked in, though the road less traveled has fewer people.

That goes without saying, but often times, we push out those things that contain the most truth and live our lives based on lies.

Going to college has taught me a whole lot, but one thing that is worth noting is that finding yourself is made up of an overwhelming array of fear.

People can roll their eyes at your passions, but you must have the courage to move towards the avenue that isn’t normally taken.

You can ___.

You will ___.

You are ___.


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