It’s Music To My Ears

Music is a huge part of my life. Even when I don’t have something pumping in my headphones or I’m not jamming in my car or singing in the shower, I find myself breaking into song.

I could hear a word or phrase that reminds me of a lyric in mid-conversation, and I find myself blurting out the song. Music connects us in a way that we can’t quite explain.

There’s a song out there for many of life’s feelings. Artists have lived and loved and lost. They’ve battled depression and sickness. They’ve found love in just the right place.

They’ve managed to keep holding on despite their obstacles. They’ve wanted to emit a positive energy in the form of a catchy pop tune — or a meaningful artistic depiction in the form of a melodic ballet.

Look at Sounds of Blackness’ song entitled “Optimistic.” It says, “As long as you keep your head to the sky, you can win.” I genuinely feel a wave of optimism as I’m listening because of its sincere encouragement.

On the other hand, I think of T-Pain’s “Buy You A Drink” and am taken back to yesteryear when me and my brother would do the “ahhh snap” together while riding in the car.

Listening to a particular song from a certain time period in my life does this — whether the memory is happy or wasn’t the best of times.

In its simplest form, music makes us feel.

Whether to heal, inspire, uplift or make you dance, music is a beautiful recipe given to this world.

In its many forms, whether that be Jazz (my dad’s top pick), R&B, Rap, Pop, etc., music will always have priority in my life.

Current Favorites:

Lecrae feat. Tori Kelly- I’ll Find You
Shades of Blackness- Optimistic
Justin Bieber- I’ll Show You
Tasha Cobbs- For Your Glory



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