Summer Summer Summertime

Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer…

If you know what song I would’ve led into with that intro, you get brownie points.

Hint: It just might be from a Disney Channel Original Movie.

What’s my favorite season? Summer, baby!!!


While I enjoy the festivities that go along with the holiday season, I don’t necessarily enjoy the weather attached to it.

There’s just something about summer, and that’s not just because my birthday is during it.

IMG_1629It might be because I’m always cold, which is probably why I have a leopard print blanket at my desk, or that there’s less rain and no sight of snow.

Summer makes me happy. It’s full of bright and colorful outfitsFullSizeRender.

There’s a surge of weekend getaways and lazy poolside fun.

The nice weather isn’t so shabby either.

There’s roller coasters, roller coasters and did I mention roller coasters?

IMG_1666Heat rises, and the popsicles abound.

Farmers markets, concerts, festivals and barbecues are happening.

“Summer summer summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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