You Are That Flower

If you’re doing things to please other people, stop in your tracks. You will never live up to their expectations. There will always be something to change, something to mend, something to fix. They are molding you into what they dream you to be.

What do you want?flower

No, really?

What do you want?

Have you asked yourself that question? Have you come to terms with who you are becoming? You are not trapped. You are not stuck. Every day is a brand new opportunity.

Do what makes you, you. Do what makes you smile and passionate and excited. Stop letting people dictate your path.

Stand up for who you are. Do not belittle yourself. Do not give in. They are not you. They will never be you.

Take a good look, and ask yourself if this is what you want. If it is, great! I am so proud.

If not, there is always a new beginning. Hope is on the precipice. Just reach for it, and start anew. God believes in you.

All it takes is a seed for a flower to blossom.

You are that flower.


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