I Choose Me

We choose who we want in and out of our lives. We pick those who have the qualities that we desire. We want someone who will be there in our time of need and lift us up. We choose the ones that motivate us and create excitement towards our passions.

What’s hard — choosing ourselves.


We can’t change who we innately are. I am me, and I am stuck with me. There’s only so much I can do to myself. I might try to hide away and cover up the insecurities I possess, but they’re there, and I know they’re there. I can’t run away from them. I can’t hide.

We all create the best image of ourselves when meeting someone new, and we only truly open ourselves up to those we find desirable and will love us for who we are. But there will never be a time where we show every ounce of who we are in the eyes of someone else. Only you truly know you. It goes without saying.

This means that you have to accept who you are. You can’t reach out and touch the lives of others if you can’t find the good in yourself.

It’s easy to pick out those things we feel we do not have or want to have or desperately need to be this “perfect person.”

And we long for the courage to reach past all of it. I long for it. I want to look at myself and never doubt or judge or envy or hate or feel insecure, but that’s just not possible.

There’s always going to be that something,  but it’s not about what it is but how you respond.

Pushing past the barriers that you have set for yourself is the only way to truly live. Intentionally make the decision to grab hold of your insecurities and weaknesses, and embrace them wholeheartedly.

You’ve only got one life to love. So live it.



Thanks mom for taking these photos. 

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