What’s The Power In The Power Pose

They say that when an animal gets ready to attack, it gets in a sort of defensive mode. It essentially creates a powerful pose with enough energy to overturn its prey.

If you’ve ever met a goose, you know just what that pose looks like. To be frank, geese don’t play. Even if you aren’t walking up to them, they will give you “the look”, which says, “you better not try me.”

It’s kind of like the look your mom would give if you kept bugging her while she’s on the phone. Yeah; that kind of look.

But what’s the power in the power pose?DSC_0149
I take a Monday evening Body Flow class that infuses Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi into one succinct class.

Throughout the class, we create fluid motions and poses that promote empowerment, strength and endurance in our bodies. And as much as I love the corpse pose — partially for the relaxation, mindlessness and laziness (let’s be real), we create several powerful poses throughout our time in the class.

In warrior pose, I feel like I’m ready for combat. In goddess pose, I feel like letting go of my inhibitions. In downward dog, I feel strength and endurance. In swan pose, I feel stretched and relaxed. Each pose teaches me to let my inner capability out.

I watched this Ted Talk a while back, and it spoke all about this topic. Top-level CEOs are much more confident in their chairs — with their hands to the back their head and their legs crossed — versus the timid new hire that sits erect.

There’s nothing wrong with being reserved because I am like that until I get to know you. However, just doing these power poses on a Monday night has given me more self awareness and has allowed me to focus on reaching my greatest potential.

It’s not about being cocky or knowing exactly want you want. It’s about allowing yourself to be the very best you. These poses teach me that I am stronger than I give myself credit for and that I can do so much more than what I believe I am capable of.

I highly recommend taking some sort of yoga, pilates or tai chi class or an infusion of all three like I have been doing. I look forward to it every week, and I always leave more clear minded than I started.


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