I Will Keep My Focus On You

At what point do you give up?DSC_3332.JPG When everything looks murky and the light is nowhere in sight?

When the negativity around you is too much to bear?

When giving up and falling to the wayside seem like better options?

When you’ve lost every inkling of faith you had in yourself?

When you can’t even hide behind a fake smile?

When rejection after rejection lands at your front door?

When you’re over people telling you that things will be okay?

When you’re fed up with people being happy because you’re only ever sad?

As I look up to the sky, I remember the creator of the universe loves me.

I remember that the pain in this life is only temporary.

I remember that one day, I won’t ever cry again because I will, once and for all, be set free.

And for those reasons alone, I choose to keep my focus on God.


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