7 Things I’m Most Excited For This Fall

Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace the changing of the seasons. As much as I would love for it to be 70 degrees and breezy every single day, I know that’s not feasible. So, with fall just around the corner, I’m reflecting on all of the things that get me excited for the new season. They are in no particular order.

1. Movies

IMG_2989 (2).JPGSome of my favorite movies from my childhood play around this time of year. To those who know me, it isn’t much of a surprise that they aired on Disney Channel. These include all of the Twitches and Halloweentown movies.
The Twitches phenomenon follows the story of two twin witches as they reconnect, fight the darkness and try to navigate life through two different dimensions.
All of the well-loved Halloweentown movies essentially follow the lives of a family of witches as they learn how to lead both a magical and normal life – all while battling evil forces.

2. Treats

A lot of people get exited for pumpkin spice everything, but this fall, the food that I’m looking forward to the most is a caramel apple with nuts. Walmart is an excellent place to get this. You can ether buy it individually or in a set of three. Walmart even sells other variations of it. They taste just as good as the ones you can find at a carnival, and they are a fraction of the cost.

3. Leaves 

I’m not sure if it’s just a change in scenery or their rich array of colors, but fall leaves are immensely captivating to me. As the leaves start to arrive, I am once again reminded of God’s beauty.

4. Decor

When it comes to any decor, I love a good trip to Ross, T.J. Maxx or even the dollar store. And it’s especially fun to mix things up for the seasons.

5. Fashion

By no means am I a fashion forward person, but I do love creating new looks from the items I already own or recently purchased. Plus, fall is a prime time for fashion. I keep watch of a few fashion and beauty influencers, so I know that New York Fashion Week is around this time of year for 2018. Plus, out of all the seasons, I personally love to dress for fall the most. Again, it’s probably because of those glorious autumn color combos.
Not to mention, I wear leopard print all year round and have been wearing it all year round for years – because I just can’t get enough. However, it’s a trend this fall and winter – and it was on trend this summer as well – which means that a lot of stores are offering some really cute leopard-print items for the upcoming seasons. This brings me the utmost joy.

6. Coziness

The cooler weather makes me feel a lot more cozy. It’s time to crack out the heated blanket and the crackling candles while sipping on a warm drink. I’m a hot chocolate girl myself.

7. Pumpkins and Hay

One of the most cliché things you can do this fall is go pumpkin picking and take a hay ride at a cute fall festival. And yet, that’s exactly what I want to do. It’s the perfect place for photos, and the corn maze gives you a good challenge.


Let me know what you’re excited for this fall!


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