Thoughtful Thursdays With Jas: NaNoWriMo Edition (4)

This isn’t the #ThoughtfulThursdaysWithJas post I wanted to do today, but it may just be the one we all need. When I tell you today has been super long for me, I’m not exaggerating. When I also tell you that I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to this NaNoWriMo as far as word counts are concerned, I’m also telling no fibs. But that’s life.

I may be just under 30,000 words nearing the end of this, but truth be told, I’m proud of myself. With everything else that I do on a daily basis, taking the time out and getting those words down can be hard.

I may not have hit the mark I wanted to, but I set the bar high. With anything in life, the journey is just as important – if not more important – than the victory. So I will continue to put those words down, and I will continue to appreciate what I’ve accomplished thus far.

I encourage you to do the same. Happy writing!


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