Be Still & Know…

When the storms of life come crashing in and the world around is a constant whirlwind, it’s hard to keep our thoughts at bay. The louder it gets, the harder it is to concentrate on what truly matters. Calling out to God for guidance, we hear nothing.

If only He would speak.

We pray and call and pray and call for a chance to hear His voice, waiting for a thunderous boom to crash in.

If only He would speak.

We beg and plea for just one moment with Him, that in that moment He would reveal himself. As tears stream down our eyes, we wallow in self-doubt, worry and pain as our busy lives swallow us whole.

But what happens when – through desperation and longing – we seek God with all of our heart? What happens when we begin to pay more attention to Him than the world? What happens when we refuse to let our troubles create persistent noise in our ears? What happens when we surrender?

I’ll tell you.

We begin to realize that he was speaking all along and the real focus should have been:

If only we would be still & know that He is God.

Because the true question you have to ask yourself isn’t if God is listening…

But if you’re silencing the noise around you so you can hear him.

1 Kings 19:11-12


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