Affordable Fall Decor At Target Now (Fall 2019)

Of course, I love the dollar store for all things seasonal decor, but you’d be surprised what cute, affordable items you can get in the One Spot section at Target. I gave myself a budget beforehand so I wouldn’t go overboard. I mean, I am decorating my first apartment with my husband after all.

Here’s what I picked up for less than 25 dollars:

A $5 farm fresh pumpkin mini pillow to add a subtle fall splash to our collection of couch pillows.decorative pillow.JPG
A $5 reversible welcome autumn sign to bring in the new season.autumn sign.JPG
A $1 four pack of mini pumpkins that add a fall touch while meshing well with our current home decor.pumpkins.JPG
A $5 house lantern that is a perfect transition into the colder seasons.latern.JPG
A $3 wood calendar that adds a rustic touch to our kitchen.rustic calender.JPGAnd I couldn’t resist a pair of $1 cosy socks.cosy socks.JPG-Jas

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