Dollar Store Decor: $5 DIY Fall Wreath

One of my favorite places to get decor is the dollar store, especially when I want to do it myself (DIY). So, I decided to stop by the Dollar Tree to get some supplies to make a fall wreath. 

I went in with the intention of finding mostly greenery and a few fall accents that I could put on the wreath. FallWreathMaterialsI used:

1 bamboo wreath

2 sets of fake fern

1 3-pack of clip pumpkins

1 harvest decor sign

1 hot glue gun w/ glue sticks

With the exception of the hot glue gun and glue sticks that I already own, I spent just $5 to make this wreath.MakingFallWreathWhat I did was super simple. I put all like fern pieces into different categories, hot gluing the dark pieces down first & following up with the lighter fern pieces after. Once those were glued down, I clipped on the pumpkins & lightly glued down each end of the harvest sign. FinalFallWreathAnd that’s it!

Now I have a festive autumn wreath that can easily be transformed into a winter wreath when the time comes.


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