Step Out Of The Box

I used to think that I couldn’t speak with the same level of authority as those that have been involved in ministry and are more knowledgeable and wiser than I am when it comes to God’s word. I wasn’t proactive in coming up with innovative ideas or concepts, and I definitely wasn’t the first to try to encourage someone else in their walk with Christ. So, I cowered back and did just enough to get by.

Not anymore.

They say life experiences mold you into the person you are today. And I most definitely find that to be true. I desire to have an intimate relationship with God. And in seeking after Him, I’ve found a newfound confidence. I’m not any smarter than I was before, but instead of cowering back, I am bold. I tell God just how I am feeling, and I claim things over my life and the lives of those closest to me.

And often times, I don’t feel good enough, but God always meets me where I am. There’s this warmth about it that’s like nothing else. Because of my relationship with God, I can lead even when I don’t have all the answers, and I can push forward when there’s a cloud of darkness over me.

You may feel inadequate and worthless. You may feel like all you are now is all you will ever be. I know because I used to think the same way. But I promise you that as you begin to speak life over yourself and your situation, your perception about who you are now and who you will be will change.

And your desire will shift from the box of the future you have desired for yourself to a desire to walk into the out-of-box destiny God has for you.



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