Apartment Living: How I Organized Our Small Linen Closet

One of the downsides of living in an apartment is limited storage space. I wish I would’ve taken a photo of this closet when it was a complete disaster, but just take my word for it. It was a hot mess!

But after I removed everything from the closet and looked at a clean slate, I was able to implement a few key things that make it a lot more functional on the daily. DSC_7827For one, so many things were on the floor, and I wasn’t truly utilizing the shelf at the top of the closet. So, I put the folded towels and dish cloths where you can easily see and access them. I also took our toilet paper out of the pack & stacked them. This, in addition to moving our paper towels into a bag and hanging them on the right of the closet freed up a lot of space.  DSC_7828Something that I already implemented a while ago was hooks for our Swiffer, broom, and dust pan. With more things off the floor, they are even easier to access. I also added string to the dustpan and broom loops so they would fit on the hooks, and it works great. DSC_7826I originally had the above blue bag on the floor, and it was packed with our towels and linens. I had a clever idea to hang it, which is holding up fine, and it simply holds our linens and any extra paper towels. DSC_7831As for the floor, I put everything I gravitate to more frequently, like our laundry supplies and air fresheners, toward the front. The rest is neatly arranged in the back. And there’s even some additional room left over!

I’m really happy with how this closet turned out, and I look forward to tackling other parts of our home as time goes on.


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