A Christmas Wish

Welcome to the last blog post of the year! To end things off, I’m going to share a Christmassy creative writing blog post that will give you all the Hallmark Christmas feels.

The writing prompt I chose is: The Christmas ornament is supposedly enchanted.

I hope you enjoy, and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A CHRISTMAS WISH by Jasmine Sayles

Tomorrow is Christmas, but I have nothing to give. Mom and dad said it’s fine because they don’t have much money this year for presents. So, my three older siblings and I decided it would be okay if my parents reserved all their funds to get a present for my little sister. We would rather not take the excitement of opening up presents on Christmas morning away from her.

I could tell my parents felt bad when they agreed with our idea, but they had no other choice. My dad got laid off from his job at the beginning of this year, and he just started working again at a local auto shop in town. He’s a really good mechanic, but he isn’t getting paid nearly as much as he was when he was working in finance.

The only one of us kids that has a job is my sixteen-year-old brother, Raylan, because the rest of us aren’t old enough to get a job. And my parents practically banned Raylan from using his money on Christmas gifts because he almost has enough money to get a used car. I guess they figured that was the best gift they could get since he would be able to drive me and my siblings places.

“Hey, Jess! Come here!” the voice sounds like my eldest sister, Ruth, but there’s something about it that sounds off.

I walk into Ruth’s room, but she isn’t there. I go to turn around, but something stops me. Mesmerized, I walk closer and closer until I’m inches away from a small Christmas tree in her windowsill. The tree is filled with tiny red ornaments, but there’s one in particular that looks different from the rest. I pick it up and look closely. The ornament isn’t opaque like the others. Instead, I see a glimmer of light suspended inside that resembles a candle flame.

The ornament begins to glow so bright that it looks like a miniature sun, and I nearly drop it in amazement.

“What is this?” I ask myself.

I tap the ornament, and a gentle voice says, “Make a wish.”

I’m frozen in place as the ornament shines every color imaginable.

I close my eyes and wish in my head, hoping that what I just saw was real. Taking a deep breath, I open my eyes again. But to my dismay, the ornament isn’t shining anymore, and it looks just like all the other ornaments.

I put it back and hang my head low.

I knew it was too good to be true, I think.


“Wake up! Wake up! It’s Christmas,” my little sister’s voice echoes throughout the house.

I rub my eyes as I walk to the living room, feeling groggy as ever.

I open my eyes, and I nearly fall over at the most glorious sight.

“Hey, everyone! Come right now!” I say, lifting my little sister up on my shoulders in excitement.

I look back at the tree as my family is wonderfully surprised by the surplus of gifts underneath the tree, and I see a tiny red ornament glimmering.

All the sounds around me hush as I walk toward the ornament, unsure how it even got here.

Then, I hear a sound that’s as clear as a rushing wave, “A Christmas wish is always granted to the one who thinks about the needs of others before they think about themself.”


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