Hollywood and Flaming Christianity

During this month of pride, I came across a post from an influential person in the media that struck me deep. This influencer is a wonderful human being who loves God and is constantly spreading love and encouragement to people around the globe.

What shocked me was not the love she showed the gay community but the fact that she supported what God stands against. It’s no secret that being gay is a sin just like it isn’t a secret that stealing, murdering and committing adultery is a sin. No sin is greater than another, but sin is sin.

Someone posted a comment underneath her post saying she is apart of Hollywood Christianity. By that they mean she is promoting the parts of serving Jesus that are favorable to all and excluding the parts that convict people and make them truly think about how they’re living their life.

As a Christian, I’m a follower of Christ and His teachings. That essentially means I’m called to spread the gospel “the truth” of God so others might be saved.

There’s either hot or cold. Either we believe or we don’t. That’s it. Being lukewarm doesn’t do anyone favors. If anything, it hinders. Being a Christian is not popular, and Christ warned us we would be outliers. This isn’t new to Him.

On the flip side, I’ve also seen a blatant disrespect for the gay community that I’ve coined, Flaming Christianity, which is to essentially doom people to hell.

Both ends of the spectrum are wrong.

We are here on this earth as sinners. Even myself who has been born again in Christ and accepted Jesus as my personal Savior is a sinner. I have no right to doom anyone.

I’m called to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to strive to be more like Him day by day. That doesn’t mean I’ll ever reach perfection. In fact, I will fall short of God’s glory, but the key word is to strive. In doing so, I’m not to sugar coat the gospel but to purely deliver the gospel.

You can love someone without agreeing with what they do, and you can lead people to Jesus without condemning them.

It’s a fine line us Christians need to work on, myself included. In doing so, we are furthering God’s kingdom the way He has ordained and not by the world’s standards.


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