Sunny Walmart Decor I’m Eager To Buy

Welcome to my “Eager to Buy” series. It needs no introduction.

My husband wants our home to be beachy. Check out our apartment tour here:

However, I love to add pops of yellow whenever I get the chance to. There’s something about yellow that makes me happy. It also counts as beachy, right? You want it to be sunny when you go to the beach. It’s summer after all.

Anyway, this botanical pillow would look beautiful in the middle of our couch and pair nicely with our other yellow pillows.

I love the floral comforter we already have, but it has lived a good life and is ready to retire. We’ll see what my other half thinks, but this one is a definite contender. I need the queen to come back in stock. Fingers crossed.

Last but certainly not least, this area rug would look magnificent under our kitchen table. We need a larger rug than we currently have under there. Why must rugs be so expensive?!

Thanks for coming along with me on my window shopping journey. Until next time.


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