Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

You don’t have to be an inherently creative person to spark creativity within yourself. Many individuals who are immensely creative have their slumps. Moments where they feel in a rut and are unable to come up with concepts and ideas.

Regardless of whether you have to think creatively all the time or are challenged to do so on occasion, there is one specific way to get those creative juices flowing.

Get out of your comfort zone.


Being creative has taught me a lot of things — one being that comfort is no place for it. What’s the use in writing about the same thing? I am not saying that you can’t have a particular style or topic that you focus on, but the message or topic isn’t going to be the same every time — neither is the delivery.

This goes for anything that you have to do creatively — whether you are in the developmental stages of a new project or trying to pitch something to a client.

It’s like listening to your favorite artist’s new song on repeat. After a while, you will want something different. Something new to the table. This is only possible if you are willing to step out of the box you have placed yourself in. To gain perspective from an entirely different avenue.

If you are into writing, read different types of articles and books that you wouldn’t normally gravitate towards. See what is going on within this context. That is not to say that you have to change your style or mimic anyone else, but you would be surprised what unique ideas come just from putting new content into your noggin.

It could even be as simple as changing your surroundings, which can cloud your mind. Switch it up. Write in the park, library or coffee shop. If you work in an office setting, switch up your office space. Don’t ever get too comfortable with where you are. It sucks up your drive, while taking away those creative aspects of who you can be.

Anyone can be creative. You just have to remember to never get comfortable, to always look for new avenues to explore and to never become complacent in what you are doing.


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